The Ab Fab Life

an ab fab life is one where you survive most days defying your accident prone-ness and leave your bones unbroken, where you eat ice cream and where oprah doesn't talk about something really dumb, but gives away free stuff instead this is my ab fab-ness ;)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

yay. another new blog. take 2

Thursday, June 28, 2007

sad times

hi everyone... my blog is broken!!

i have not been able to log on for aa-aa-ages and so am thus wishing it goodbye forever


it's been real

ps tom, shaks and i will be starting a new blog together soon and i'll try post the address here if it lets me... snarky thing!

Monday, May 07, 2007

a hommage

as with all human nature, i am experiencing a completely inexplicable emotion. i miss the book store of doom. i know i've left behind a semi-abusive, unhappy work environment, but (some might see it as a sort of 'grass-is-greener' syndrome) i yearn for the good old days ;) (yikes! a stereotype)

i think because i'm in no-man's land at the moment. very little wits. no work. just waiting in july so i can start a new phase and i suppose, if i force myself to psychoanalyse things, then i miss the whole 'group' mentality of my old routine

some things i miss about the book store:

  • the books. i'm a nerd. bite me

  • meeting people - a la ipodboy, not jevons dad, waldimar, damon berry (good old damon with his exciting-ness) ... the beauty of working in the customer service industry is that you can meet just about anybody anytime.

  • shakti's marriage proposals and gifts from people such as psycho johnny... those were the days, huh rina? how ever will you find a significant other NOW? especially one so generous and frequent with his visitations... ;

  • rides with thomas. AND the pudding! oh the pudding!
and that is all for another installment of things that are not particularly interesting, but i hanker to record them anyway


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

movies, passports and a brush with danger

love love love this movie! please everyone go and see it!

wow its been so long since i blogged, life and lack of tecnological access has rendered me inept for the last few weeks.

the passport saga continues - it turns out that after submitting my second batch of fingerprints and more photos, that nobody is sure where the heck my passport forms are. the people at headoffice claim they haven't seen hide nor hair of it and the people at the edenvale office claim the people at headoffice are being lazy. they, the edenvale people, then suggested that i come in and do some more fingerprints and bring some more photos and they will give me, out the of the goodness of their government owned hearts, a free temporary one! problem is, the japanese embassy won't use temporary ones... so hold thumbs, oh internet people! i still have some time before hectic panic ensues. what have a i learnt from this experience? i am a statistic! yessiree if it goes wrong, i'm your girl! luckily its funny and i thrive off stress.

exciting story of the week : on friday i was babysitting the little cousins and, after a 'fun' day of baking cupcakes with a zillion of their friends, we went to sleep. a little while later, i awoke to shouting and sirens and all the usual exciting noises that make for one hell of a scare. i decided not to get out of bed and investigate but clutched my phone to my chest ready to call for help. a little while later i, being brave and alert and all that csi stuff, fell asleep again. in the morning, my aunt regaled us with this tale STRAIGHT out of desperate housewives i tell you :

the neighbour was sitting at home with her boyfriend minding her own business when her, obviously crazy ex, came along and doused the boyfriends relatively new bmw sports car with petrol and set it alight. the neighbour from the other side then drove past in his brand new car (he literally had bought it that day) which happened to be exactly the same make as the crazed ex boyfriends car and, noticing the large burning thing, hooted to get everyone out the house. the boyfriend, running out, taking in his burnt crisp of a vehicle and seeing what he presumed to be the ex boyfriend trying to get away, picked up a huge rock (not kidding, i saw this thing! it was a flipping boulder!) and chucked it at the other neighbours car, smashing the back window and denting the back. the police and forensics were called and the road was blocked off!

exciting things happen when i choose to sleep!

Friday, April 06, 2007

i may not exist within the state

it's bad enough that the university system has lost me twice this year and made me feel half like a ghost that has no identity and half like i am free to engage in minor criminal activities. when i went to go and collect my new passport (the old one had reached its date of non existance) and my new id (the old one had a photo that didn't resemble me in the slightest much like Luke's drivers licence where he looks like a suicide bomber) which i had applied for on the 8 DECEMBER 2006, i was told that the fingerprinting identification system could not identify me and i was required to submit a whole new set of fingerprints and hope and pray that i get my passport... sometime... and thus, like many a south african native before me, i am going to say that i, without a doubt, truly hate the department of home affairs. they can bite me.

happy easter!

Monday, April 02, 2007


japan is a-go! and i will now purchase the 'teach yourself japanese' thingy from work so that when i ask 'when is the next train coming in?' i won't accidentally say 'wow i like leeks and your hot wife'


Saturday, March 24, 2007

i just slammed my thumb in a drawer and went to the back and cried a little like a girl

i have become enamoured with william petersen from csi. gran purchased the first season on her most recent 'i love dvds' shopping trip... she will probably never watch it and so i have hijacked it. i think he's great! my brother calls him 'the fat one' which is just about the meanest thing ever to say about someone your sister might just love! i always watched csi miami frequently because the acting is so bad that it was doubly enjoyable but now *sigh* gill grissham is the way to go people! not sure why i think he is the greatest thing since kinder joy chocolate eggs, but the heart knows things the mind only wonders ;)